Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Cookie" day at work!

So I promised myself that I was going to keep up on the blog and post daily, even if absolutely nothing happens. Even though no one actually reads this blog, that's no reason not to keep on it!

So...tonight I made marshmallow pops for our treat exchange at work tomorrow. I wasn't going to, but after making them for our floor treat day, a few people suggested I make them for the exchange. So I have obliged!

They are chocolate with sprinkles, peppermint/vanilla with red sugar, and vanilla with green or white sugar. If nothing else, it seems to be a hit with the adults for kids!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Is anybody there?

Yay! It’s my first blog entry! How exciting is this? Ok, so it’s exciting for me, but probably not so much for anyone who may happen across this blog and actually read it. I’ve been wondering how long it might actually take before someone (probably out of boredom) begins flipping through blogs and winds up on mine, and then actually READS it. That’s how I’ve found a few of the blogs that have now become my favorites! So if someone else out there in blogland actually reads this, even if you don’t plan to ever come here again, please leave a comment if you would.

I can’t believe it’s just one week until Christmas. Seems like just yesterday I was walking around my brother’s neighborhood with the family while they knocked on doors and collected candy. It’s all gone so fast that I feel like there is something I’ve missed…something I had planned to do this Christmas that I haven’t, and will remember early in the new year and kick myself because I forgot. I love family traditions, especially during the holidays. Growing up, really the only traditions we had, that I can remember, were going to my dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, hanging out with aunts, uncles and cousins, eating, then opening gifts, then my dad would take us home. Christmas morning we were home with our mom, opened presents and then usually headed over to her side of the family for Christmas dinner with my grandparents. While I have very fond memories of my childhood, I’m sad that we just didn’t have many family traditions, and that’s one thing I really wanted to change when I had my own family.

We don’t have many traditions right now, but we are slowly building them up…if I can remember from year-to-year what I decide they are. There is always the pumpkin patch around Halloween, and we always have to get a pumpkin donut. There is the annual Zona Rosa (nice outside shopping in north Kansas City) Christmas tree lighting ceremony in mid-November that we have gone to ever since they started in 2005, when I was pregnant with my daughter. There is homemade monkey bread on Christmas morning. There is also the Zona Rosa Easter Parade for Easter. Other than that, our family traditions are a work-in-progress.

My daughter’s 4th birthday was just a little over a week ago, and to celebrate her birthday (after the three mini-birthday parties she already had between Thanksgiving and her birthday) we went to Crown Center for the first time, ate at the Crayola CafĂ©, played in the Crayola Playland, got a picture with Santa, went to the toy store, the Crayola store, looked at the gingerbread houses, and then she got cotton candy. She had a BLAST and pouted (arms crossed, scrunched face, stomping feet) when we had to go. I think maybe we’ll make that a tradition, too – minus the little pouting thin. Oh, who am I kidding? We’ll probably still get the fit, at least for a little while.