Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall is in the air!

Let me just start by saying that I absolutely LOVE this weather!! But I’m sure it will be short lived, and before we even have time to enjoy Fall, Winter will be banging on the door. I just pray it’s not another winter like last year! UGH! But I love the fact that I have had my AC turned off since Saturday and that I’ve been able to open up the windows! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!

It was a great weekend, even with the rain on Saturday. Since I had planned on house cleaning anyway, I didn’t mind the rain – except for the fact that I had to shut things up on the north side of the house because the rain was soaking the floors. The morning started out relaxing. I finally woke up for good around 9:30, got dressed, made coffee and sat on the back deck reading the internet for a bit.

Then we finished getting ready and Emily and I headed outside to start cleaning the car. I started with the inside, and BOY did it need it! Crumbs and toys and trash littered the backseat and floor, dust had settled very nicely all over the dash, soda stains on the console…it was beautiful! It took about 2-3 hours to clean, wipe down and vacuum the whole thing, but it looks awesome now. I am very excited to have a clean car, and I’m hoping it will stay that way for a long time!

I spent the rest of the day cleaning out Brendan’s closet…bagging up what doesn’t fit and seeing what he has, so we don’t get surprised one day when we go to dress him and realize he has nothing to wear! I need to now do the same thing with Emily’s closet. I also cleaned out some of the toys that were stuff in the living room. I put several items in the closet and figure we can trade them out in a month or so, and they will be like brand new toys to him!

Along with the cleaning I did SIX loads of laundry, most on Saturday and a couple on Sunday. That’s always fun! After spending most of the weekend hanging out at home, Sunday night I enjoyed some time with a couple of girlfriends, drinking wine, eating chips and salsa, and getting a hand and foot massage!! Then on Monday night about eight of us got together for “Ladies Night” at 54th Street. We had some appetizers, I had a couple martini’s, and we had a lot of fun! The martini’s were good, but I will say they still don’t compare to what I’ve had a Houlihans!! Three words you need to know if you go: Key. Lime. Martini. Do it!!

And my busy week continues… Tonight is Emily’s final soccer game, tomorrow is dance, and Thursday I have to pack for a trip home AND make a dozen cake pops for a friend at work. Friday is a half day at work and then we are heading up north for my niece’s first birthday party! I’m helping create the decorations and making cupcakes, so it’s been fun! It was sort of last minute, to it’s been hectic too. Hopefully we will be able to make it a special party for a very special little girl. I will be sure to post pictures next week!

So that is my life…as exciting as it is!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night

It feels like it has been a crazy week that all began Friday. The weekend was full of friends and fun, camping with several families from church. Even with Saturday night's microburst a/k/a scariest night of my life, the weekend was great! It was Emily's first camping trip and my first in several, several years, and neither of us can wait to go again. Kevin and Brendan visited us Friday and Saturday evening, but didn't stay due to Kevin's disinterest and Brendan's age. We had a great time hanging out, Emily riding around and playing with all the other kids, and enjoying the beautiful weekend. Saturday night it got a little scary, though. About as soon as we hit the tent, the storm kicked up. Lightning and thunder were constant, the wind was terrible, the rain was heavy, and I spent the first 30 minutes or so praying for our safety. Eventually our time in the tent ended, when the rain started leaking through, then the tent collapsed. I grabbed Emily's Bear, Bear Blankie, Cold Blankie, threw them in my pillow case, we all got our shoes on, I grabbed the pillow, grabbed Em, and ran for the car. We barely got comfortable when we got a call from the families in the pop-up camper and ran in there. Things were great, until the final and fiercest part of the storm came (pretty sure that's when the microburst hit). All of the adults stood there holding onto the straps and metal parts of the ceiling trying to keep it from blowing off. Literally.

But after about an hour and a half, it finally ended and everyone was ok. I got three hours of sleep that night, but Sunday was another beautiful day, and I thank God even tonight that we all made it ok.

Sunday was filled with laundry, laundry, laundry, and I didn't get to bed until midnight. Monday I was just exhausted, and I've kind of felt that way ever since. Tuesday was Em's soccer, Wednesday was Em's dance, and I spent all of Thursday evening making Cake Pops for a friend at work.

So tonight was dinner, clean up, bedtime for the kids, and a little bit of cleaning prior to tomorrow's house cleaning. The plan is to clean up the car, inside and out, do a more thorough job of cleaning the house, figure out what clothes the kids have for the upcoming season, try to clean out some old, unneeded clothes and toys, and all of that before Sunday evening's Ladies Night spa party a friends.

But before the big cleanup this weekend, I'm going to turn off of the computer and enjoy this...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting back to blogging

I know I've said this before, but this time I mean it. I need to, want to, and will get back to blogging. My life is so exciting, I'm sure that everyone wants to read about it!! Ok, maybe not, but I'm doing it anyway.

So what have I been doing with myself since I haven't had enough time to blog? Glad you asked! Starting in June, I began competing in a weight loss competition with the Kansas City Fitness Magazine. Myself and 11 others worked our butts off for nine weeks trying to lose as much weight as possible. For me, that meant two workouts a day -- one at 5:00 a.m and another after work or later in the evening. I worked out with my trainer Sherry Mack of StudioFit in KC North (near Liberty) twice a week and she usually kicked my butt. She also provided me with a meal plan which pretty much consisted of the same menu every day. Oatmeal for breakfast, cottage cheese for morning snack, chicken/fish/turkey and asparagus/green beans for lunch, a mid-day snack, and chicken/fish/turkey and asparagus/green beans for dinner. I would be lying if I said there weren't a few times that I "cheated" but I stuck to it more than I thought I would!

In the end, it was all worth it. In 9 weeks I lost 18.8 lbs. 12.8 of that came in the final four weeks during which I re-aggravated my sciatic nerve and pulled something in my arm (neither happening during an actual workout). Even with almost two weeks of very limited workouts, I still managed to lose the weight. I didn't win the competition -- that honor went to Chris Wilson who was a mad man during the whole challenge. But I did gain confidence, new friends, and of course, lost 18.8 lbs in the process. I'm now very anxious to see the upcoming issues of Kansas City Fitness Magazine, to see what they did with the professional photographs they took at our results party! Not sure when it comes out...I believe the first week of October. If you are interested, you can find the magazine and many retailers -- Barnes & Noble, Borders, Walmart, Price Chopper, and others...

While this challenge and my goal of weight loss consumed a large amount of my summer, it wasn't the only thing. In July, my family drove from KC to Hays, Kansas while my mom, brother and his family drove from Lincoln. We met up to take all the kids to see where my Great Grandparents' farm used to be. Several years ago -- maybe 20 years ago -- the farm was destroyed by a tornado, so obviously they didn't get see exactly what we experienced growing up, but my mom's uncle still lives in his place down the road, and his son has taken over the old property and has his trailer there, along with some new buildings. Pretty much the only thing standing from when I was growing up is the cow barn and the old chicken coop turned garage. Despite the literally 115 degree air temp, it was a great experience for the kids, and it was a lot of fun for my mom, brother and myself to relive some of those old memories and to see some family members we haven't seen in awhile.

Aside from that, there was a visit to the pool twice, some good times with friends, and hanging out with my kiddos. There was also a very exciting camping trip this last weekend, which I will save for another post.

While summer was great, I'm looking forward to Fall. I miss the smell and feel of it, even though it seems to turn into winter too quickly. This year I'm hoping to get the family more involved in fall festivities. I really want to take the kids apple picking for the very first time. I'm sure there will be a visit to a pumpkin patch somewhere in there, and this year I want to actually carve jack-o-lanterns. We will see about that part, though!