Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Now that the parties are over and there is nothing to plan, I feel a little lost. What's my purpose? Ok, so not really, but I do wish I had something fun to plan. Instead, I'm planning my spring cleaning to do list.

Our house is so cluttered. Between all of my stuff that I just "need" to save, and all of the toys that the kids have, we are running out of space. There is a tub full of toys in Brendan's room that he doesn't play with and doesn't seem to miss. Some of it I feel guilty about when I think of getting rid of it, because some he's only had since last year, but I guess if he doesn't miss it, there is no reason to keep it. Right?

I'm such a pack rat. I always have been. When we moved from one apartment to the last apartment we lived in -- before kids -- I actually got rid of a LOT of stuff, but I know there is more to do. And I'm not the only one. My husband is a pack rat too. When we've moved the last several times, things get thrown into a box because he doesn't have enough time or energy to go through it.

With us both being so bad, I'm actually surprised Emily is as good as she is. There have been several times when we have cleaned her room and I've asked her about certain things and fully expected her to say "I NEED TO KEEP THAT" but surprisingly, she's allowed me to get rid of several things.

So I think I need to plan three days off some week soon. I can't really clean -- especially the kids' rooms -- when they are there. To many people in a small space, and too much opportunity for them to cry for something they don't need. So I need at least a day for their rooms and a day for my room. I can probably do the garage on a weekend while they are there.

What's the third day for you might be asking? Me!

Between sick kids and snow, it seems like FOREVER since I took a full day off just for me. The last planned day off (not sick kids or snow days) was December 9th, and that was for Emily's birthday. So I want a day off just for me.

Last year I took a day, took the kids to daycare, came back and slept in a little bit, did some things around the house, had lunch by myself, went to a movie by myself, and did a little shopping before picking up the kids. This time I might do roughly the same thing; however, I'd prefer to not sleep in so I can get as much fun stuff done as possible.

It's been about 18 years since I've had my one and only pedicure, and at least 6 since I've had a manicure. I kind of enjoyed the fake nails, but when I had kids I didn't want to have them because I was afraid I'd be poking my poor babies all the time. But now that they are older, I'm contemplating getting them again. The one thing holding me back is texting. I already have a hard enough time texting when my nails start getting will I manage? Maybe I should just get a regular mani-pedi and forget about the fake nails. When you take them off it takes forever for the nails to grow out anyway.

Before I take a "Me Day" off, I want to make sure I have it all planned out so I don't miss anything. I think the day would definitely have to include a cupcake!

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