Monday, November 28, 2011

I Want to Win! [Laura Winslow Photography]

When I discovered The TomKat Studio online a couple of years ago, I fell in LOVE with her work. Her parties were amazing and inspiring, as well as all of her work, and it was made even more amazing by the photos of all her parties and ideas. I was thrilled to discover the website of one of her amazing photographer friends and was even more inspired by what I saw on her own website. Laura Winslow is simply amazing. The colors in her photos are so vibrant, fun and energetic and her photo sessions are inspired! I literally get tears in my eyes when I look at a lot of her photo sessions, because I wish I could be so artistic. Her eye for detail, and her ability to bring out the personality and fun in her subjects is, well, dare I say it again -- amazing!

Not only is she an amazing photographer, but the girl knows how to put on a website contest! And this is one that I think any mother, woman, human would love to win! It's here Holiday Bloggie Bash -- 1 winner, $10,000 worth in prizes from many fabulous vendors from all over the internet. The only problem is that this contest ends TODAY, Monday, November 28th, so if you want to enter (and I can't imagine who wouldn't) do it now! There are multiple ways to enter, so DO IT! Click HERE to visit her website and find out how. And while you are there, check out all the amazing photographs...because I know I didn't even do her justice in this blog! Good Luck to all who enter!

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