Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Want To...

Why is it that when I’m running around the house getting things done, thinking about writing my blog, all of these great thoughts and feelings flow through me, yet when I actually sit down to write -- nothing! Believe me, I’m rather poetic and entertaining in my mind! You would definitely be impressed!  However, until I figure out how to get things directly from my head to my fingertips, you’ll have to bear with me here.


As I sit here, trying to write down my thoughts, I'm smiling, listening to Kevin read Brendan a book…although now Brendan is “reading” it to him.

  Tonight has become a no TV night and I’m hoping to make it a regular occurrence around here. I’m slowly deleting more and more programs from my DVR, leaving only the shows I “must” watch (things like DTWS, Chopped, The Client List…), and of course, some of the kids’ shows. I have definitely spent too much time over the years watching TV and mindlessly surfing the internet. Meanwhile, there is so much I want to do that I just can’t seem to find the time for – simply because I’m parked out in front of the TV watching Friends’ reruns for the umpteenth time.

I want to blog and write more.

I want to read more.

I want to learn more about so many things.

I want to spend more quality time with my family and friends.

I want to spend more gorgeous evenings outside…

And so does he!

I want to explore more of the fabulous things Kansas City has to offer.

I want to try new restaurants and food that I would normally be afraid of (much like the duck tongue tacos and roasted marrow bone that is to die for at Extra Virgin!). 

I want to try sushi and real Indian food.

I want to learn how to really use my camera and take awe-inspiring photos.

I want to organize my home and purge all the junk I don’t need.

I want to paint our walls. (*Note: I am painting my kitchen yellow Sunday/Monday if anyone is interested in helping!! Photos coming after.)

I want to have picnics in the park.

I want to celebrate life with balloons and cupcakes -- just because.

And this is just a sampling of my “I want to…” list!  So see!  Who has time for TV?

While I’m not naive enough to think I could ever just do WITHOUT the TV, I’d like to keep it to a minimum, especially during the week when time is so short anyway. I’m looking forward to the challenge…and to turning my “I want to’s” into “Look what I did’s!”

So until next time…just be happy!  It’s so much more fun

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