Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Wow...has it really been almost two months since I posted? I've been busy, and exhausted, so I guess I will give myself a break.

Well, since I posted, I've turned another year older. 35. Wow. I remember when I thought 35 was "old." Ha! And not only have I turned a year older, but so has my baby boy. Well, he's actually turned one year old on March 23rd. They grow up so quick... He crawls all over the place -- he even started crawling up the stairs -- but he isn't walking yet. I keep saying I want him to walk, but I know once he does it will drive us crazy! He's already into everything.

So along with the birthday came the birthday party that I have been planning and fretting over months. It was scheduled for Saturday, March 20th, and wouldn't you know snowed. Since the majority of invitees were coming from out of town, we had to reschedule the big party. However, since we did have some friends locally that could come, and since it was my actual birthday, I baked cupcakes, decorated the house a little, and the 7 of us (four adults, three kids) had our own little party. It was nice to catch-up with them. Even though they don't live that far away, he is a teacher and soccer and basketball coach, so they've been pretty busy. The sad thing is that up to this point, they hadn't even met our son, and we had only met there daughter (who turned one last December) once, shortly after her birth. So it was indeed fun to catch up and watch the kids play together.

So the party was rescheduled for April 17th and it was actually a beautiful day! Unfortunately, not all of our invited guests were able to make it, but my mom was in town from Lincoln, along with my brother, sister-in-law, two neices and two nephews. We were also joined by one of my best friends and her daughter who live about 30 minutes away. We really had a good time and the kids all had fun playing together, since they hadn't seen each other since Thanksgiving! My mom had to head back that night because of her dog, but my brother and his family were able to stay the night. Emily and I spent the evening at the hotel pool with them, and had a lot of fun.

The next day, we all went out to the Legends shopping center across the state line. We cruised the mall for a bit and had lunch at T-Rex restaurant. I have to agree with what I've heard: the food is just ok, and it's way overpriced. I guess at those kind of restuarants you pay for the ambiance, but we could have had the same experience just walking around and leaving. I can't say I'd ever do it again. But the kids had fun, and in the end we did, too. We don't get much time to just all hang out like that, so it was definitely worth the price of lunch for the time we spent!

So now we are all just battling one illness after another. A week before the party, my daughter got a fever and had some other issues, and it took her a week to recover. Now my husband, my daughter and myself all have colds of varying degrees and my son has allergies, or something, that are causing some respiratory issues. He is VERY VERY happy, but at his one year checkup last week, they said he sounded wheezy and recommended using a nebulizer and some meds for two weeks to see how he does. Even with that and a double ear infection, he is still the smiliest guy I've ever seen! And while he does not like his nebulizer (especially when I'm administering it), he is the best medicine taker ever. These last few days, along with the two different breathing treatments, he has been taking a steriod of some sort, an antibiotic, and Zyrtec, and takes each one like I'm giving him candy. I could not ask for a better medicine taker, and he is SO much better than his sister. We had to fight with her for an hour a couple weeks ago when she wouldnt take something, and I ended up having to pour it down her throat! So I am blessed to have him!

And wow...if anyone is still reading this after I've rambled on so long, the award goes to you!

I hope to post some birthday pics here soon...and I plan to write more often, even if my readerships is down to...well....maybe I have one??

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