Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Day...and sick of them!

I wanted to go to work Friday. I wanted to be brave and just do it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my scaredy-cat butt out the door. Thursday started with rain, then sleet, then snow. I drove home on Thursday because Kevin wasn't feeling so great, and even though the roads weren't great at all, I did it! That gave me the courage to try on Friday morning, until I turned on the news. All I saw was "SLICK," "TERRIBLE," "STAY HOME IF YOU CAN!" At first I thought I'd just sit out the rush hour and wait until closer to noon. However, the roads didn't seem to get much better, and by about 11:30 I decided to stop lying to myself. I wasn't going to go in. So I emailed work and told them I was staying home.

The last several "snow days" I wasn't very productive and spent most of the time watching TV or on the computer. I wanted this one to be different, and it was.

It started with me and Emily making cookie dough -- chocolate chip and butterscotch chip.

Then, while Brendan and Kevin were napping, Emily and I went out and played in the snow.

My "Ballerina" snowman

The best I could do was a mini snowman with no face, but it worked for Emily!

And then we came in and finished up our cookies.

After the cookies, we had BBQ chicken pizza (cheese for Emily), and had family movie night.

It was mine and Kevin's first time watching it and it was really cute and pretty funny.

And today, Emily was invited to her friend Lauren's birthday party, which was taking place at Crown Center and Science City. The party was at 9:30 am and thanks to the lovely weather, the news was reporting slick streets, dangerous driving conditions, etc. So I struggled with to go or not to go, and ultimetly decided not to go. Lucky for us, the party included a 12:00 "Mad Scientist" presentation and a run of Science City, so we were able to get there by noon and enjoy part of the party. Emily had a lot of fun, so I'm glad mom got brave and drove out there!

After we got home and hung around for awhile, the whole family went for dinner at Granite City and to Target...where we ended up buying a Wii. I'm excited about it because I'm hoping it will get the family moving a little and get us hanging out a little more.

So tomorrow is church and no other plans, except for maybe setting up the Wii and seeing what we can do with it. Sounds good to me!

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