Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Kansas City Project: Part 1 - KC Royals!

We have now lived in Kansas City for a little over 16 years, which is a huge chunk of my life.  For roughly the first 10 years or longer, I continued to call Lincoln home even though there wasn’t really any plan to move back. Truth is, while I had a job and we had some family and friends in the area, it never really felt like home. My friends, my family, and my heart were back home. 

Having kids changed all of that.

Nine months after Emily was born, we finally bought a house – 11 ½ years after moving to Kansas City. A few years later we joined our current church, became a complete family of four with the arrival of Brendan, and met the people I know consider some of the greatest people I know. Life has changed in the last few years, and I finally consider Kansas City home!

Recently I’ve come to realize that there is so much about my Kansas City that we are missing out on! So many great restaurants, museums and activities that we haven’t experienced and it’s really rather sad when you think about it.  That’s why a few months ago I began planning what I call “My Kansas City Project.”

Originally, I was going to make a list of everything and every place that I wanted us to try by the end of the summer – both as a family and with my girlfriends – but that list became rather long. With the limited time and finances of summer, I realized it was going to be an impossible list to tackle in a few shorts months, so the goal then changed from a list of want-to-do’s by the end of the summer, to just a list of want-to-do’s.

While the goal isn’t to get it all in by the time school starts, there are a lot of items on the list that are either only possible in the summer, or at least much easier, so those are the ones I am concentrating on first.

I’m happy with the progress so far.

Take the kids to a Royals game = Check!

This was the first item checked off of the list, and it was an easy one thanks to my firm’s “Family Day at the K”. It was a hot one and we didn’t stay for the whole game, but we enjoyed free food, a lot of sun, and a little bit of baseball.

It was very bright and Sunny, and this squishy nosed face is a Brendan classic!

Emily enjoyed her first Royals game.
Last weekend I was able to check two big items from the list, thanks to a four-day weekend and a visit from my mom! She took a few days out of her vacation to come see us and accompany us to both Worlds of Fun and Powell Gardens.  Those activities require detailed explanation and a lot photographs, so I will save those for their own posts later this week!

I'm really exciting about experiencing all that Kansas City offers, so if you have any suggestions for “My Kansas City Project,” I welcome any ideas! Sometime soon I plan to post my current list, and hopefully this week I'll be able to cross some more off that list or discover things that aren't even there yet.

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  1. Nothing better than taking the kids to a baseball game. I used to go more often than I do now. I'd take my son to the Rays game and if they were playing a team like the Royals, We could both get in get and get a hot dog and soda, all for under twenty bucks. Plus, they'd give the boy a hat at the gate! Great entertainment value. During the Summer, they have a concert after the game too. Usually a group from the 70's or 80's. Lots of fun!