Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Facebook Hiatus -- One Week Down!

This is not going to be a fancy post by any means, but I feel the need to report. It's now been one week and two days since I went on Facebook hiatus and I am still breathing! Actually, it's been a LOT easier than I thought it would be. There have been some moments where I wonder if I'm missing anything exciting, although I'm pretty sure I'm not.  It was hard Sunday night, while my friends were checking in and posting pictures of the New Kids on the Block concert. I missed not being able to share in that, to see what people were posting, to see if anyone else I knew was at the concert...but at the same time, it was kind of nice being able to just enjoy the show. Of course, I did take pictures and sent a couple "This is so cool!" texts to friends, but I felt like maybe I experienced more than I would have if I had been accessing Facebook (and I know I would have been accessing Facebook).

I've heard a couple of times, people saying that sometimes we spend so much time documenting a moment on social media, that we don't really experience it or live the moment. Stepping back from some social media a little bit, I'm kind of finding that to be true. Now, if I could cut back a little bit on Twitter, that would be something...

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