Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm not a snow person. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm freaked out to drive in it. And it's not so much me -- especially since I know have a Hyundai Santa Fe with new tires and all wheel drive -- but I just dont trust others. I've seen way too many people do stupid things that cause stupid accidents, and they really freak me out. I save PTO days JUST for the snow so I can stay home when it's too bad. But this is a bad season for that, because I had to take over a week off in November when my son got H1N1, and that along with the other times I've had to stay home because he's been sick leaves me with just two days left of PTO before my anniversary date the END OF APRIL! The way he's been getting sick and the way the snow has been going, I will be in the hole by the time April roles around.

And driving to work isn't the only bad part of it. The kids and I haven't been back home to Lincoln since New Years, and even then we spent most of our visit in bed with the stomach flu. That means we haven't seen my neices and nephews since our Thanksgiving visit. We were supposed to go up there this weekend for my neice's baptism, but with the predicted snow here, there and in between, there is no way I can risk not making it back on Monday. So, thanks to the snow we will not be seeing the family. Two months may not seem like a long time, but for us, it is. We usually make the visit (or my mom comes down here) once a month or so, but now it's looking like it will be two, maybe three months before we visit.

It may be a good thing that we stay here this weekend. My boss's baby shower, which I am throwing, is February 24th, and my son's first birthday party is March 20th, so I have a lot to do in that time frame. I will probably spend most of this weekend trying to get some of the paper craft stuff done, and then the following weekend I'll be preparing to make at least 3 dozen cupcakes. Yikes! I am very excited about both, however.

What is frustrating for me is my son's birthday party. I decided to go with cars as a theme because he loves playing with the wheels, mainly. And not Disney Cars, but just cars. I want to make his invitations and cupcake picks, etc., and have been looking for car paper punches and car stamps. And all I really want is something that looks like the outline of a VW Bug from the side. Nothing fancy. Yet is amazes me how impossible it's been to find! I found ONE pack of clear stamps that has a car, but after buying it, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I also found ONE car paper punch, from Martha Stewart, but after trying it out last night it's just too small for what I want. I was hoping to have embossed or flocked car embellishments on the invitation, but now I'm thinking I'll just settle for some really cute car clip art. IF I can even find that.

After reading several homemade party blogs over the last six months, I've been really excited about all the ideas I've been able to see and think up for both the shower and the birthday party. Unfortunately, I'm quickly discovering that dreaming and executing those visions are two totally different things. [Sigh!!]

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  1. I'm sick of winter too. I'm not sure which is worse, the snow or the mud that keeps getting increasingly worse. We have muddy ruts up to two feet deep here in southern MO. Horrible!