Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Comment From My Daughter That Changed Me -- I Hope

The other day, a friend on Facebook linked to a blog that caught my attention. I read the post and a bit of the blog, which was about how we, as parents, can risk missing out on so much of our children's lives -- so many of the little moments -- because we are so engrossed in our own lives, mini-drama's, projects, electronic devices, etc. We spend so much time with our cell phones, computers, tablets, social media, etc., that we don't spend real time with our kids. We don't play with them, or just sit and talk to them as much as we should. Maybe you don't fall into the category, but unfortunately, I do. I'll reluctantly admit it. I'm not as bad as some people I know or have seen, but I am guilty. And the proof hit me smack in the face later that evening.

After picking the kids up from daycare and school, we pulled into our garage. I noticed Emily looked a bit sad and asked her what was wrong. 

"I wish I could go over to Zoie's [our neighbor girl] and play," she replied.

"Well, I was thinking WE could play," I said.

And with surprise in her voice she said something that made my heart sink.

"YOU will PLAY?!?!?!"

And there it was. Proof that I may just be risking missing out on important moments with my kids. Proof that I don't spend the kind of time with my kids as I should.  So that night, after dinner, we went outside and we played.

Hopscotch! Or our version of it, anyway.

Brendan was there too, but he wasn't quite sure how to play.

 And last night, we made time for each other again, this time with a little Frisbee in the backyard (although cheap, $1 "flying discs" from Target don't really work all that well) and an evening wagon ride around the block.

I hope this new "revelation" will stick with me. I realize there are going to be times when the kitchen needs to be cleaned, the laundry needs to be done, things need to be organized, books need to be read, and blogs need to be written -- it can't always be ignored.  But they are only young once, and quoting one of my newest blog/writer obsessions, "The days are long, but the years are short."  There are those times when I need to remember that these are the moments that I don't want to miss. 

Where I need to remember to celebrate and love the little things.


  1. Darn it brought a tear to my eye! Girl you are in the wrong profession! Nice post!

  2. Nice writing!!!! A nice lesson for all of us parents, no matter how old our kids are...