Thursday, April 3, 2014

And I've Already Blown It

Well isn't it funny how yesterday was just day TWO of my April Blog Challenge and I already blew it?!?!

I'm really not shocked. It's not a habit for me and yesterday was crazy at work, exhausted by the time I got home, then storms approaching in the head wasn't in the game.

But that's okay, because this apology totally makes up for it, right?!? That along with my promise to do so much better going forward.

And to REALLY make up for it, I'm preparing a really long blog post for sometime this week or early next! Cool, right? I'm really trying to make my posts shorter and more to the point, but this one I'm writing is totally coming from my heart and I think it would do it injustice to shorten it for the sake of easy reading.

So for now, my one "oops" has been made and from here on out its blog, blog, blog...

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