Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Car drama...

So after 5 days with our mechanic (who didn't charge us a dime for all of the work he did) he could not figure out what the heck is going on with the car, so it has now been towed to the dealer. Great thing about that is that the dealer is two days behind and MAY be able to get to it by Monday. Yay. So it looks like more wonderful evening drives to downtown KC are in our future!

Hopefully once they get into it they will be able to diagnose it quickly and get us back on the road. I pray it's not something terribly difficult and expensive. I am so ready to move on from this and on to happier times!! I expect that it's much like the inconvenience we had in June, when we were rear ended very hard while the whole family was in my Hyundai Sonata. Dealing with insurance, and rental cars, and car dealerships was a pain in the bottom, but within a few months we barely remembered the inconvenience and the few sleepless nights.

Once all of this done and I have my evenings back again, I hope to get this blog back to what it was supposed to be about...FUN! I am still working on the purse, I want to create cute Valentines cards for my daughters daycare, I need to start working on my boss' baby shower, and it's only about eight weeks until my baby boy's first birthday party! So...once the car drama is over, look for more fun on this blog!

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