Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is going on?

I'm really starting to think 2010 is not my year. I am lucky and very thankful that nothing BIG has really happened, but I continue to be annoyed by all the little things.

With all the other things that have happened, we are currently a one car family, and with our work schedules, it really doesn't work too well. Last Thursday, my husband's car decided to just die for no reason, and would not restart. We had it towed to our mechanic who has had it for three days now and cannot figure out what's wrong. He has a few more ideas, but more than likely we will be driving it to the dealership tonight to have them work on it. Yay. That sounds like a cheap plan! I just hope they can figure it out, and quick. I'm having to load the kids in the car around 7:30, drive all the way back downtown to pick up my husband by 8:00, and we dont get home until after 8:30. Evenings are short enough the way it is, the extra hour out of the night is not good. And we are just lucky that, although we've had fog, the weather has been pretty good, because if it were snowing and icing, I'd be too freaked to pick him up and he'd be living at work.

And that's another thing. This weather! The last five or six days/nights, it has been so foggy that I'm almost too scared to drive. I have rarely seen my neighbor's house down the street in almost a week. I think it's finally going to get better, but now we'll have rain and drizzle moving in. I saw the sun for a few hours on Sunday, but I think it's now gone for good. So it's either been snowy, or below freezing, or foggy, or drizzly for about a month now. I am SO ready for Spring.

I really don't want to seem like all I do is complain. If I ever do get blog visitors, I don't want you all to run and never look back because I'm such a downer. I have a great life -- a wondeful supportive family and group of friends, two healthy, adorable kids, and a job. However, the stress of the last month or so is really starting to rain on my usual sunny, happy attitude!

So here is hoping that the car issues are the last of my problems. At least for awhile anyway.

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