Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enough Already!

My thoughts have been consumed recently with all this car drama. Are they going to be able to figure it out? Will they be able to fix it? Will it be expensive? Will we ever get it back? That, along with the pretty miserable weather we've been having, and I've been very melancholy. And today, for some reason, was probably one of my most "unhappy" days. After I picked up the kids from daycare, I started feeling even more down about feeling so bad around the kids. It wasn't until after I got the kids to bed and got on the computer that I realized what a bum I'm being.

Yes, the car thing is a mess, an inconvenience, and very possibly a bigger expense than we can really take right now (already spent $150 on two tows), but aint so bad.

Just when I needed something to put it all into perspective and knock me out of my fog, I logged into my blog and there it was, plain and simple -- Love and the Little Things. I need to remember that I have more love from my family and friends then I deserve, and its the little things that really make life special, and that's what it's all about.

And it's FRIDAY!

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