Saturday, January 30, 2010

There She Is...

I've never really been a pagent watcher, and definitely have never sat through an entire show. I paid more attention if I knew that Miss Nebraska (or Miss Missouri, after moving to KC) was doing well, but if she was out, I usually was, too. This year, though, I sat through the whole Miss America pagent, and was actually entertained. They were trying to shake it up a bit, including having a few viewer picks in the top 15, 11 picked by the judges, and the final spot picked by the remaining contestants. There were a couple other things they did that made it a little more interesting, so I was actually getting into it.

But I have to say my biggest reason for watching was Miss Nebraska, Miss Nevada, and Miss Idaho's hair! You see, a friend of mine, who I went to high school with is a hairdresser. Not JUST a hairdresser, but a FABULOUS hairdresser. She actually did my hair for my wedding, along with my two flower girls, and now co-owns her own shop. She spent all week in Las Vegas doing the hair of Miss Nebraska,Idaho and Nevada. While Idaho and Nevada did not make it past the first round, Miss Nebraska made it all the way to the top 10, competing in swimsuit, evening gown, and talent, but just missing the interview portion. And all the while, her hair was GORGEOUS!

Congratulations, Fawnia, on doing such a fabulous job and helping Miss Nebraska make it that far! And that's why I drive to Lincoln to get my hair cut!! :)

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